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Phil Wickham - Children of God Album Review

Phil Wickham is back with a brand new album entitled, “Children of God”. This is his album since 2014 when he had major surgery to remove and fix a vocal polyp. The first song on the album is a praise song called, “Dexology/ Amen”. This song talks about how we are praising God for all he has done in our lives and how he saved us from our countless sins. This song gives you a sense of perfect peace and it’s only that can help you draw near to the Creator. One of my favorite songs was called, “The Secret Place”. This one is a duet with Madison Cunningham. The vocals between these two artists is perfectly blended together. This song conveys the place where we run to deal with the storms of our lives and where we can find renewed strength to continue on in the battles we have to endure in this life. Our secret place might be a closet or a church or where we received salvation. I liked the words and the message of this song and how God is close to us in these difficult times. Another favorite song is “Your Love Awakens Me”.  This song describes how Christ loves awakens us and how He was able to break our chains and walls in our lives. This song explains how Christ’s love is stronger than anything and the darkness is afraid of the light

I also liked the song called, “My All in All”. This song conveyed how God is our all in all. He is our joy, passion, love, reason, shelter and life. He is worthy of all of our praise and when we are in a battle we can know He is the victor and we will come out better and stronger on the other side. I also loved the title track “Children of God”. This track explained how we are all Children of God and how we are all standing strong in the battle together and marching on until the final victory. The chorus described how we are all believers and we have hope in the risen King. We are fighting with faith and love and this is our most powerful weapon against the enemy. I loved how this track has some electric guitars and some drums bringing this message to life. 

I would recommend this awesome album to anyone who enjoy Christian music. This album has new tracks that many churches will begin to add to their Sunday worship lineup. I loved how Phil Wickham was able to push through his vocal problems and able to take the stage again and be stronger than ever! I feel like his vocals have only increased and his new sound with portray that. This album will help you draw closer to God’s throne and you will be placed in His Heavenly presence while you worship His Holy name! If you’re looking for a new Christian CD, then check out this one! 

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