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The Mind of God: How His Wisdom Can Transform Our World by Bill Johnson Book Review

In the Mind of God, Bill Johnson explored the truth of God’s wisdom and His incredible power and how we can spread hope to the world. He begins the book by looking at the greenhouse effect and how our culture is made up the values, attitudes, and social norms. The plants are Kingdom truths from the word of God. We have to received Kingdom values, where we can influence others and try to lead them to Christ. He shares that as believers, we must learn to pray for life as it is in Heaven. We’re expected to reach the unbelievers and to share the good news. In the book, he explored the seven spheres of influence and how to pray for each one. Some of these included, family, religion, government, arts and media, science and technology, and much more. Believers are encouraged to pray for the environment around them where we can see mountains move and transformation can occur. The book also covered the three manifestations of wisdom: creativity, integrity, and excellence. He revealed the power of tapping into all three of them and seeking them for the Kingdom of Christ. He strongly encouraged believers to seek God and pray for new ideas and wisdom where we can use them for the Kingdom of God. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is lacking in wisdom and they are wanting to seek God and gain in Godly wisdom. I immensely loved how Bill Johnson looked at how we can have Heaven on earth here right now and we can pray and ask God for wisdom. I liked the section on the seven spheres of influence and how he encouraged us to pray for all seven. We especially need to pray for all the cultures around us including the government, arts and media, science and technology, and our families. Many of us right now are living in fear of the coronavirus virus and this book reminds readers to pray for our spheres of influence daily and to seek God’s wisdom. This book will help readers to pray and receive the wisdom from God and to try and reach the lost. 

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.”     

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