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Victory Over the Darkness: Realize the Power of Your Identity in Christ by Neil T. Anderson Book Review

Victory Over the Darkness is back with an updated edition of his classic book. In this book, Neil explored the power of darkness, how we can renew our minds, and discover who we are in Christ. He begins the book by sharing how he didn’t know if his wife was going to live or die and they struggled with this for 15 months. She was sick and no doctor could determine what was wrong. Medical bills were piling up and it cost them their house. They had to depend on God’s help during this crisis. During this, he founded Freedom in Christ Ministries. He learned that God is the only one who can free people and that people don’t know who they are in Christ. People are struggling with many different things and they don’t even begin to comprehend that they are a child of God. In the book, he looked at the creation and Adam and Eve and the fall. He looked at all of the negative effects that they suffered because of them choosing to sin. Jesus came to give us life with Him and to have eternal life. In the meantime, we will all face satan’s temptations and he has come to steal and kill and destroy our lives. Neil has included a special “Who I Am in Christ” chart filled with scriptures to remind readers who they are. There is 34 total scripture references and statements. Some of these included, we are God’s child, friend, brought with a price, redeemed and forgiven, free from condemnation, salt and light of the earth, God’s temple, seated with Christ in the heavenly realm, and much more. And he encouraged believers to believe what the Bible tells us who we are and to live free and not bound in chains of addictions. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to find true freedom from satan’s power and they are ready to discover who they are in Christ. I immensely liked how he included countless scriptures about what the Bible has declared about us. I really enjoyed the chapter on winning the battle in our minds and how we can truly renew our minds. He shared how a habit only takes six weeks to form and then it becomes a stronghold on our lives. I liked how Neil shared how we can renew our minds and break the power of strongholds on our lives. We can choose to believe the lies of satan or we can choose to believe what God has declared over us. I liked how he instructed believers on how we can break the power of satan’s lie and the way to do this is to expose his lies with the truth found in God’s written Word. This is the first time I have read this book and it’s one that believers need to get and to dive into who they are in Christ. If people would, I believe we would see an increase of unconditional love and the love of Christ would overflow into every area of people’s life and people would receive and walk in freedom. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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