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16 Bible Studies for Your Small Group by Ryan Lokkesmoe Book Review

In 16 Bible Studies for Your Small Group, Ryan Lokkesmoe explored topics and study lessons from your small group to help readers to open up and explore key components. He explored the topics of fellowshipping with God, fellowshipping with others, loving one another, put each other first, building each other up, dodging divisions, givers of courage, fellow servants and co-heirs, and much more. Throughout the book, he explained the power of fellowship and the important of gathering together with like minded believers. His goal was to guide readers into opening up with each other and connecting and understanding lessons from the Bible and how we can be transformed into the image of Christ. This book revealed how we are called to be the Church and how we live our lives out like we are supposed to. Each chapter included questions, key points, prayer, scripture verses, and a study story. 



I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready for a new group Bible study. I immensely enjoyed how he explored the topics of fellowshipping with one another and what it means to truly love others like Christ loved the Church. I liked how you can choose certain ones and move around easily between the topics and you don’t necessarily have to study them in order. The book also included a short story at the beginning of each chapter but most of the chapter encouraged readers to open up about what the scriptures was declaring and leading us to do. This book has the potential to assist readers into opening up more in front of other believers and will help them to learn what others think and to hear more about their fellow neighbors’ personal stories. I liked how he included many questions throughout the lessons to help readers to dive into deeper into the Bible. 





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The Fire of God’s Presence: Drawing Near to a Holy God by A.W. Tozer Compiled and Edited by James L. Snyder Book Review

In The Fire of God’s Presence, A.W. Tozer explored the topic of understanding who God is and how we can appreciate Him in worship and enjoy being in His Holy presence. The book looked at the story of Moses and how he ended up ruling in the high ranks in Egypt and then he fled after killing an Egyptian who attacked a Hebrew slave. He eventually encountered the burning bush and how Moses knelt in front of it. By doing this, he was able to discover who he was in Christ and he felt the presence of God. He was transformed at the age of 80 and this is the first time he got to know God. He learned that God still had a purpose and a plan for him. He would go on to set his people free and God was able to instill His love within him. He revealed how God is like fire and how this one burning bush is the most famous talked about bush ever written. In the book, he explained how the we have the lost the reverence and awe and sacredness of who God truly is. He also looked at the tabernacle and the cleansing of the blood and how it changed when Christ died on the cross for our sins. The book also looked at other fire examples in scriptures such as Elijah, Isaiah, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. 





I would recommend this awesome book to anyone is ready to discover their identity in Christ and they want to learn how to enjoy being in God’s presence. I enjoyed how colorful the cover of the book was its enclosed in a glossy orange fiery looking design and I believe it will cause readers to want to dive into the teaching of A.W. Tozer. I immensely liked how A.W. Tozer explored the story of Moses and what we can learn to see in the burning bush and how we can be in awe of His Holy presence. I liked the chapter that discussed the walls that are keeping us from God’s presence. Some of these included self-will, religious ambition, fear, money, and people. A lot of these are preventing us from seeing the smiling face of God. I liked how he shared how we can get to know Christ deeper and how we can be changed in His presence. I loved how he explored the topic of fire and how God showed Himself through fire in the Bible and we saw lives transformed on the other side of the fire. 



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Fascinating Bible Studies on Every Parable: For Personal or Small Group Use By Dr. William H. Marty Book Review

In Fascinating Bible Studies on Every Parable, Dr. William H. Marty explored a vast topic of all the parable found in the Bible and he looked at the key event concerning them and what they mean. Most of the parables are found in the New Testament and they covered the leaven, the sower and the soils, the seed growing secretly, mustard seed, the fish net, wise and foolish virgins, the unforgiving servant, the narrow door, the prodigal son, and much more. He revealed why Jesus spoke in parables and how he answered by looking at the hidden truths found in Mark 4:11-12. This discussed how God has given us the secrets of the Kingdom and how a lot of people have hardened their hearts. They are unable to hear the truth found in God’s written Word. He also included two found in the Old Testament. Each chapter begins with an author key takeaway, a detail report of the parable, reflection questions, and a memory verse. 



I would recommend this amazing book to anyone is ready to read and understand the parables. There is many parables that Jesus taught and many key takeaways we can learn from the stories. I immensely liked how in depth he went into explaining the meaning of the parables. I learned a lot the great banquet that is coming soon and how Jesus will prepare a big feast for all the people who have received him as their Savior. He revealed how the ones who reject them have received their invitation to the feast but they won’t be able to taste the food. He explained how different ones was invited and how they didn’t come and he taught it in the form of a parable. I also liked how he wrote this as a personal Bible study or you could use it in a group setting. This would make a great devotional type reading and it would help readers if they would read the scripture passages before they read the chapter.  



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Prophetic Secrets: Learning the Language of Heaven by Jennifer Eivaz Book Review

In Prophetic Secrets, Jennifer Eivaz explored the topic of understanding the prophetic word that comes from God. She described what a prophetic word is and how He can communicate through others. She looked at how prophetic ministry begin in scriptures and what we can learn from them. Moses was one of the first one and God used his mouth and taught him what to say. Another aspect she looked at was the prophet, Joel and how God would pour out his Spirit onto all people, sons and daughters would prophesy, old men will see dreams, young men will see visions, wonders will be displayed, blood and fire shown, sun turned to darkness, moons to blood, and all this would occur before Christ returns. She also explored how the Holy Spirit was released after Jesus died and rose again and how we can tap into the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the book, she shared how she also learned the power of the prophetic word and what she experienced when she saw visions and dreams. She into detail about how to see into the Spiritual realm and how we can interpret dreams and visions. 



I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready to learn about prophecy and how we can listen to God and tell others what he is trying to communicate to them. I immensely liked the stories that she shared on what God wanted to tell others and how she was about to speak words over them. I was amazed at reading about how she was able to know some people were expecting before they knew. I also enjoyed how she encouraged readers to read Psalm 23 or 91 and listen to what God is trying to say to us. She stated how we need to listen and ask God who he is wanting us to share a certain part of the scriptures with someone today. She also said to ask them does that mean anything to them and listen for their response. I appreciated the special section about the body parts, objects, colors, and thing that we lost in our dreams and their positive or negative meaning and what they mean. I also liked how she included kingdom principles and thoughts for reflections at the end of each chapter. 




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Slaying the Giant of Fear: And Releasing the Roar of Breakthrough By Krissy Nelson Book Review

In Slaying the Giant of Fear, Krissy Nelson explored the topic of fear and how it dominates us and what we can learn from scripture on how to conquer them. In the book, she looked at three supernatural weapons that are hidden in the story of David and Goliath. These included obedience, faithfulness, and stewardship. She looked at how David was obedient to God’s calling on his life and how he chose to listen and to do the small tasks as a shepherd boy. This in turn led David through the process and steps to overtaking Goliath. He was unafraid and was a man after God’s own heart and he knew God wanted his people Israel to take the land that was made for them. 



She explained how she experienced fears in her life and was very personal in sharing how she handled the fears. One of her fears woke her up late at night right after she had her newborn baby. She opened up about her fear of leaving her and returning to the corporate world and she had her dream job. Meanwhile she was crying and she told her husband she didn’t want to go back to work. She also shared how between contractions she was dedicated to her work and how she was busy sending out emails to candidates letting them know if they were hired or not. She was conflicted on what to do. Eventually, she went back to work and struggled and cried and after six months she quit her job. She was able to find a 9 to 5 job that let her focus on her family when she was at home. During this time, she realized how much she was living in fear of what people thought of her, failure, and rejection. She made a decision to change her life and to go all in into following Christ. 



I would recommend this awesome book on conquering fear and releasing your roar where you can go into your personal victory. I immensely enjoyed learning the weapons David used in defeating Goliath and how he was unafraid in the battle. I appreciated how open she was in sharing how she struggled with fears and how she was able to get her breakthrough. I liked how she also included other stories from scriptures such as, Esther, Moses, Saul, and much more. I liked how she opened up about her own fears and she shared other stories from others and what they learned on how to not let fear dominate their lives. This book has the potential to assist readers in slaying their giants in their own lives. 



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Why is that in the Bible?: The Most Perplexing Verses and Stories – And What They Teach Us By Eric J. Bargerhuff Book Review

In Why is that in the Bible, Eric Bargerhuff explored scriptures and tried to comprehend why God included them in the Bible and what their purpose was. He begins the book by looking at some of the truths found in Job’s stories and why God allowed satan to test him and what we can learn from his story. He was faithfully following God and he ended up losing his livestock, servants, and his children. He also lost his health and his wife wasn’t happy with him, and friends wasn’t supportive. Some of the stories, he also explored was Abraham and Isaac, Balaam and the talking donkey, Peter cutting off an ear, no one knows the time or hour, Solomon’s many wives, Herod eaten by worms, a youth group is killed by bears, battle for Moses body, Absalom’s head stuck in a tree, bodily discharges, and much more. 

One of my favorite chapters that is quite shocking was the chapter that covered the story of David and his son Absalom. As we all remember, David had an affair with Bathsheba and how he tried to cover it up. Prophet Nathan, warned David about how the sword will never depart and leave his house. David had at least eight wives. Eric explained how this was directly a sin because the Bible declared that marriage is between one man and one woman. Next, Eric explored David and Absalom relationship. He was David’s third son with Maacah. One of David’s firstborn sons with another wife of David, Ammon rapes his own half-sister, Tamar. David was angry and he chose to not punish his son. Absalom eventually has Ammon killed for the crime and he fleets for three years. David misses his son so he allows Absalom to return but he can’t be in the presence of the king. He tricks one of the commanders of David’s army into letting him seeing David and he publicly shamed David for his actions. He turned around the hearts of Israel against David. He fleets and Absalom has sex with his harem on the roof where everyone can see. David cries out to God and eventually David’s army prevailed and Absalom’s lost his head while he riding his mule it was caught in the branches of a tree. Eric explained the importance of remembering that sin destroys and how it greatly changed everyone’s life and how it affected the dynamic of David’s family and the tribe of Israel. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is wondering why the Bible covers some difficult topics. I immensely liked how open he was about looking at the topics of rape, incest, suffering, and bodily discharges. There are many stories included in this book that many preachers and Sunday school teachers most likely won’t preach in church because of how graphic they are. I learned a lot about scriptures and stories that I haven’t really seen in detail before. I liked how Eric tried and connected the stories together where readers could understand the background of what was going on around that time. I appreciated how he dived in on how we can interpret the passages and what we can learn from them. 

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Don’t Quit in the Dip: Stay Focus on God’s Promises For You by Shaun Nepstad Book Review

In Don’t Quit in the Dip, Shaun Nepstad explored the topic of the dip and how we can learn not to quit and give up when we face different challenges in our lives. Often times we feel stuck, and in the dip we’re unable to believe and reach for our dreams and goals. The dips in life can be our dreams, health, career, marriage, and any other area that we feel stuck in. In the book, he explained the importance of not quitting in the dip and he reminded us about God’s thoughts and how His ways our higher. He used an illustration about chess and how God has written the Bible like a checkmate between Him and satan. He starts with satan being banned from heaven and this starts a chess game. Next, he looks at Adam and Eve and how they were influenced by satan and sinned and was kicked out of the garden and satan was able to made a countermove. Shaun goes into detail about the different moves that was played throughout the Bible and the dips they experienced and how they overcame the dips and fulfilled their calling and purpose. 

Throughout the chapters, he opened up about how he became a preacher and started their own church. At first, it started with only 22 members and they were meeting in a cafetorium and how in three months, the school kicked them out. He shared how they dealt with having to move schools every year per California rules. He also shared how he dealt with severe stomach pains since the age of 13. He was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis and how he struggled with wanting to in the dip when he was trying to grow the church and how God changed him and healed him. He explained the process of the church growing and what he learned through the dips he experienced and he guided readers into hanging in there to overcome their own dips. In the book, he explored the story of Joseph, Jesus, Peter, Jonah, the Israelites, Paul, Moses, and much more and how they experienced dips and what we can learn by looking at their stories. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready to learn how to not quit in their dips and how to reach forward and to keep striving and running your race. I immensely liked how in depth Shaun went into at looking at the dips of people from scripture and how they didn’t quit when they easily could have went they faced challenging situations. I appreciated how open he was in sharing how he went from building the church from 22 people to thousands of members and how he faced setback along the way and it wasn’t a quick and easy journey. I liked how he looked at the stories of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Henry Ford, The Formula 409 cleaner, and Winston Churchill and how they choose to not quit in their dips and how they were able to accomplish their dreams. If you’re looking for an inspiration book, then read this book and learn how to not quit in your dips!

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Why Am I Not Healed? (When God Promised) by Glen Berteau Book Review

In Why Am I Not Healed, Glen Berteau explored the topic of healing and how we can receive a miracle. Glen has had his own health issues where he needed God help in getting healed. He experienced four sickness that almost cost him his life. He has coronary artery disease and five stents in his arteries. He explored how he had to go through his own testing seasons and how God gave him healing when he had a pulmonary embolism blood clot in his lungs. It was later discovered it was caused from mold found in his office. God instructed and guided him into peaching the word of God while he was still sick. After a few weeks, God healed him and he was able to breath normal again. He opened up about how wants to forgive our sins and how we can receive our healing when we also get our lives right spiritually. He explained that fear and bitterness can cause something wrong in our spirit and unforgiveness and break us down physically. He shared how speaking the word of God and learning them is like taking medication for our overall health. 

In back of the book, he opened up about how a scary death experience. He had a cardiac arrest and died. He included preceptive from his wife and children on what they learned when their father died and how God was able to save his life and become a miracle. They all wrote how they learned he was dying and how they began to pray and seek God during it. It was revealed that only 1% end up recovering from going through a cardiac arrest. He also shared how he didn’t have kidney failure or memory problems afterwards. 

I would recommend his awesome book to anyone who is ready to seek healing and they are pondering how they can believe God’s word and find their miracle. I liked how he shared how we need to run our race and how he opened up about how God promised him that he would become a minister and thousands would be saved. He shared how God didn’t tell him at the time about how he would have multiple near death experiences, his daughter would have rheumatoid arthritis and be handicap at 16, and his sister would die from ovarian cancer at 33. He revealed that if God did tell us what we would experience on our journey many of us may say never mind, we don’t want it. I really enjoyed how he included a special section of the book on scriptures and what to declare over our lives about healing. I also liked how he explored 17 hindrances to our healings and why people don’t get healed. I loved how in depth he went in looking at the reasons our healing may be held back. I liked how he covered how he received his healing and what he learned from God during all of the experiences. 

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Praying for America: 40 Inspiring Stories and Prayers for Our Nation By Dr. Robert Jeffress Book Review

In Praying for America, Robert Jeffress explored how to pray for America and how we as a nation we have forgotten God, and how we need to turn back to God. He explained how we have lost the love of loving God, ourselves, and we have stopped loving our neighbors. He revealed the truth in Psalms 9:17 that the nations that don’t believe and love God will perish. He explored the history of Abraham Lincoln and in 1863, he issued a National Day of Prayer and fasting after Fredericksburg during the Civil War. Lincoln believed that event was the result of America’s sins and how they have forgotten God. In the book, he explored the topics of: God’s will, religious freedom, our president and leaders, troops, law enforcement, debt problems, education, pure sexuality, fatherless children, our jobs, and much more. Each chapter contained a story from history, a prayer, and a scripture verse. 

One of my favorite chapters was the chapter on the voiceless. Robert shared the story of Gianna and how in 1976 she was conceived by a teenage mother and her boyfriend. Her mother decided to have an abortion and he described the procedure that normally happens. Gianna ended up surviving at 29 weeks was born and weighed 2.75 pounds. The abortionist wasn’t there yet and the nurse had her transferred to the hospital. She did suffer a lack of oxygen and she developed cerebral palsy. She was placed in emergency foster care and Penny ended up raising her and praying over her life. She was able to learn to walk without the use of a walker or leg braces and she ran two marathons. He shared how in America we murder an average of three thousand babies and thousands more are killed with oral contraceptives. He encouraged readers to pray for our leaders and for us to become the voice for the voiceless and to reach out to pregnant mothers and help them. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is ready to pray for America and that should be everyone in this nation. As we all know, we are still struggling with covid-19 and protests and injustice going on in our nation. I also liked how he dealt with the topic of corrupt cops and he made a point that we need to dealt with the on a case by case basic, same as if it was a bad pastor or parent. He also shared how we need to pray for them and to obey law enforcement and only to disobey them if they are causing us to do something sinful. I believe this book was written for a time as this to where we can all learn to humble ourselves and pray. I immensely loved how he covered a number of topics from our leaders to our own family and our community. I loved how he included countless stories in the book and he taught readers history and what we can take away from it and how to pray and change it for the future. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

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10 Prayers Secrets: Supernatural Power for Your Breakthrough By Hakeem Collins Book Review

In 10 Prayers Secrets, Hakeem Collins explored the topic of prayer and how prayer can change things and how we can release our faith. The book is divided into two parts first he discussed ten secrets found in prayer and then the second part contained a 30-day devotional. Some of the secrets included, “discover your passion, anticipate your breakthrough, practice Jesus’ prayer model, be a friend of God, forgive, unleashing chain-breaking praise”, and much more. He begins the book by exploring how to discover your passion and God’s plan for your life. He explains how we need to have passion to pursue our purpose in life. We can all become like children in prayer and believe and have childlike faith. Another area, he explored was waiting on God’s timing and he looked at the story of Habakkuk and how he had to wait on God and he kept asking for help and God answered that the vision would come to pass at the appointed time and it won’t be late. Hakeem shared countless scriptures about patience and how not be anxious about the future or present. We need to pray and give everything to God and to give thanksgiving. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to go deeper in their prayer life and they are looking for a new devotional book. I liked how the book was inbound in a leather cover and it’s a smaller style book, which makes it easier to carry around. I immensely liked how Hakeem looked at ten secrets we can learn about prayer and how we can pray to receive our breakthrough and how to overcome what could be hindering our prayers from being answered. I liked how each devotional contained a scripture verse, a short story, reflection questions, prayer declarations based on scriptures, a prayer, scripture study, and activation. One of my favorite days discussed expecting the unexpected and walking in faith and believing that God can do the impossible in our lives. If you’re looking for a prayer book, then read this amazing book! 

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Victory Over the Darkness: Realize the Power of Your Identity in Christ by Neil T. Anderson Book Review

Victory Over the Darkness is back with an updated edition of his classic book. In this book, Neil explored the power of darkness, how we can renew our minds, and discover who we are in Christ. He begins the book by sharing how he didn’t know if his wife was going to live or die and they struggled with this for 15 months. She was sick and no doctor could determine what was wrong. Medical bills were piling up and it cost them their house. They had to depend on God’s help during this crisis. During this, he founded Freedom in Christ Ministries. He learned that God is the only one who can free people and that people don’t know who they are in Christ. People are struggling with many different things and they don’t even begin to comprehend that they are a child of God. In the book, he looked at the creation and Adam and Eve and the fall. He looked at all of the negative effects that they suffered because of them choosing to sin. Jesus came to give us life with Him and to have eternal life. In the meantime, we will all face satan’s temptations and he has come to steal and kill and destroy our lives. Neil has included a special “Who I Am in Christ” chart filled with scriptures to remind readers who they are. There is 34 total scripture references and statements. Some of these included, we are God’s child, friend, brought with a price, redeemed and forgiven, free from condemnation, salt and light of the earth, God’s temple, seated with Christ in the heavenly realm, and much more. And he encouraged believers to believe what the Bible tells us who we are and to live free and not bound in chains of addictions. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to find true freedom from satan’s power and they are ready to discover who they are in Christ. I immensely liked how he included countless scriptures about what the Bible has declared about us. I really enjoyed the chapter on winning the battle in our minds and how we can truly renew our minds. He shared how a habit only takes six weeks to form and then it becomes a stronghold on our lives. I liked how Neil shared how we can renew our minds and break the power of strongholds on our lives. We can choose to believe the lies of satan or we can choose to believe what God has declared over us. I liked how he instructed believers on how we can break the power of satan’s lie and the way to do this is to expose his lies with the truth found in God’s written Word. This is the first time I have read this book and it’s one that believers need to get and to dive into who they are in Christ. If people would, I believe we would see an increase of unconditional love and the love of Christ would overflow into every area of people’s life and people would receive and walk in freedom. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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The Pursuit of God: The Definitive Classic By A.W. Tozer Edited by James L. Snyder Book Review

In The Pursuit of God, James L. Snyder has helped reedit a book by A.W. Tozer. He begins the book by sharing how his own life was changed by reading this book when he was fifteen years old. He admits he loved to read novels and didn’t care for Christian books. A woman introduced the book to him and kept asking him how he liked it. Eventually, he did read the book because she wouldn’t stop asking how he liked it. He shared how he reread the book many times and even did an essay on it for school. He met someone who knew Dr. Tozer personally and he took notes from them and he listened to his audio teaching and read all his books. He went on to write a book proposal and now this is the book. This book contains some background of A.W. Tozer life story and his book of The Pursuit of God. 

The book talks about how we are supposed to pursue God. He explained how many of us are in religious complexity and we are looking for other things to fill our soul and satisfy our hearts and they never do fill us up. Christ wants us to long after him and to get to know Him completely. He shared how we pursue God because He decided to pursue and love us first. At the end of our lives, all we will need is God. He explained the truths found in looking at Abraham’s life and the promises of God. He had Isaac at an old age and God told him to offer his own son’s life up as a sacrifice. God stopped him from doing that. He wanted to remove the importance he felt of having his son. He wanted Abraham to worship Him alone and to let Him be the center of his life. Tozer explained how we must also give up our loved ones and believe that God came to save. We must also turn over our talents and gifts that God have instilled in us. We are blessed in our processing of having nothing. Throughout the book, readers will learn about the different key lessons we can find in pursuing God and knowing Christ. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a theologian book and it was written many years ago- nearly seventy years. Readers can still benefit from this preacher’s teaching and they will be able to recognize how Tozer’s life was changed and how he hopes generations lives will also change after reading this book and growing in their relationship with Christ. I immensely enjoyed how in this new edition Snyder looked at the background of Tozer life and how he came to know Christ and how his life was changed and how he loved his alone time with God. This was the first time I have ever read this book and I enjoyed learning about how God is trying to actively pursue us and how God can truly satisfy our souls. There is ton of lessons and scriptures describing the power of God’s word and how we can know Christ enclosed in this book. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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The Abundance Mind-Set: Success Starts Here by Joel Osteen Book Review

In the Abundance Mind-Set, Joel Osteen has written a brand-new book on how to change our thoughts and to think positive things. He begins the book by asking readers what the vision for their lives is and where do they see themselves in the future and their families. He reminded readers of the importance of what the scriptures declares about our thoughts and as a man thinks of himself so he is. He encouraged readers to picture good things and have an abundance mind-set and to see themselves accomplishing their dreams, overcoming obstacles, addictions, seeing their families restored, seeing themselves blessed, and seeing themselves married and having children. He looked at the Israelites and how they lived in slavery and in the land of barely enough and they had to journey all the way into the promised land. This land contained milk and honey and it was always flowing and they had plenty. They eventually arrived in their abundance, but they had to face many challenges before they got there. 

In the book, he shared many stories from people he met over the years and how God was able to exceed their expectations and they walked into abundance. One of the stories was from a single mother of three children who immigrated from Europe. She applied for a job as a secretary at a university and she had a lot of competition. The interviewer was very rough and wasn’t friendly and she was afraid she might not be able to pass the 5-minute typing test. But through it, she believed in God’s power. When the bell went off at the same time, the phone rang and the lady conducting the test got distracted. She was tempted to stop but the lady who was conducting the test told her to keep going that wasn’t her bell. She ended up typing another five minutes and she got the job. One touch of God’s favor allowed her to pass the typing test. She was able to send all of her three kids to the college for free. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to change their thoughts and they want to have an abundance mindset. The book is a shorter book by Joel Osteen and it only contains 5 chapters. This book was made in a smaller book where readers can take it with them anywhere, they go. It would make an excellent devotional reading and this book is meant to be read over and over again where readers can learn to change their thoughts daily. I immensely enjoyed the chapter on, “Turn Up the Power” because this one discussed how important it is to keep God first in our lives and how he will put a commanded blessing on our lives. Joel Osteen shared how we need to remind ourselves positive things and to have faith that God can make our dreams come to pass. He explained the power of the magnet and how we can apply this concept to our lives. We have to focus on the positive and believe that God is attracting good things for our lives. He shared how we need to be believing healing is coming for us, favor is headed our way, abundance is looking for us, the right person is trying to find us. We don’t need to focus on the wrong things such as bad things are going to occur, we will never get married, our finances will never improve, we won’t ever get well, and our dreams won’t come to pass. I liked how Joel Osteen encouraged believers to seek God and let the blessings seek after us and we don’t have to be exhausted and frustrated and catch after them. If readers will apply the principles and the lessons, included in this book, we would see a rise of positive, abundance thinking. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

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Healing Family Relationships: A Guide to Peace and Reconciliation by Rob Reinow Book Review

In Healing Family Relationships, Rob Reinow explored the wounds that exist in our families and how we can obtain healing. In the book, some of the topics he discussed was, “forgiveness, prayer, repentance, listening, acceptance, spiritual warfare, boundaries, patience, healing through the generations, and much more”. In the book, he opened up about his own family issues. He admits his relationship with his father wasn’t the best. His mother was his father’s fourth wife. His father was his father’s second wife. They ended up divorcing when he was a teenager due to his father infidelity. He revealed in the book how God was able to transform his father and their relationship later in the book. He started the book by exploring the topic of forgiveness and how he was able to forgive his father. He described it as a three phases process. The first step is learning that forgiveness is a choice we can make and he instructed readers to write all our hurts down and then burn them and release the hurt. The second he encouraged readers to follow the scripture and to forgive from the heart and to pray. He was open about having to deal with his angry and hurt. It took him six years in being in phase two. The third is reconciliation between our us and the person who hurt us and try and live peacefully, if we can. He reminded readers we can’t control our family members and how they treat us but we can seek and try and find healing. He also shared personal stories from his marriage, parenting seven children, and his ministry. One common thing is any relationship there is always things we have to heal from in order to live a fulfilled and fruitful life. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is struggling in their family relationships. The book is geared to just family relationships but the principles can also be applied to other relationships. I immensely enjoyed how open he was in sharing his own struggles and how he has had to heal from his own wounds in order to help himself and in turn also to reach out and help others through their own pains. I believe this book has the potential to help marriages and to help relationships between parents and children. We all go through things that over time and build up and cause strive and conflict in marriages and families. One of my favorite chapters was about repentance and how to ask forgiveness from a family member when we are the one who caused harm. If you’re seeking a book to heal your family, then read this book maybe even together! 

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The Power of the Decree: Releasing the Authority of God's Word through Declaration by Patricia King Book Review

In the Power of the Decree, Patricia King has written a book about how to speak out and decree scriptures over our lives. She shared how she came to know Christ and also how Dr. Oral Roberts influenced her life by teaching her about how when God’s word declared something and how we need to believe it. In the book, she revealed how she taught her son to declare the word of God when he was in the second grade. He was struggling in school and he was calling himself stupid. She recorded a night tape and it covered topics on Jesus is His strength, he is God’s child, he has Godly wisdom, highly favored, and much more. It was a full hour and they played it over their son every night. Eventually, it started to expel the darkness and the lies. She teaches readers how to separate the facts and the promises that we can decree over our lives. She shared how to decree out loud the promises found in scriptures and how we need to speak life giving words. The book is divided into two parts: the first explained what a decree is and the second is written in the style of devotions. Some of the topics included, “identified with Christ, blessing, favor, victory, wisdom, health and healing, family and children, business, workplace, ministry”, and much more. Each chapter enclosed questions to ponder and a decree to say out loud. She also included success stories in the book. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to take back their lives from satan schemes and they are ready to speak the word of God out loud. I liked how many different topics she discussed and it contained many scriptures. I immensely like how she shared who our identity is in Christ and the power that can be obtained when we realize who we truly are. I liked how she discussed favor and how we can be free from rejection when we decree the words of Christ. She shared a story about how a boy was rejected at school and experienced bullying and how he was suicidal at a young age. She recommended that the parents decree over their son and to use visual photos of him being happy all over the house and post positive lifegiving words and eventually he was able to make friends and his life was changed greatly. Rejection lost its sting and the power of God’s word helped to declare and decree favor. This book is a book that is meant to be reread when readers are experiencing with certain issues we should be declaring and decreeing the word of God over our lives each and every day. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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Unshackled: Breaking the Strongholds of Your Past to Receive Complete Deliverance by Kathy DeGraw Book Review

In Unshackled, Kathy DeGraw has written a book about deliverance and how to find true freedom from strongholds that are holding you back from the life Christ died for you to have. She begins the book by sharing a prophetic word that Jesus put on her heart to tell His people. In it, she shared how God wants us to have abundant joy and she explored how we can obtain freedom and deliverance. She begins each chapter with an assessment to assist readers in finding out how much they are struggling in an area. Each chapter contained a section called, “walking out your deliverance”. In it, she had scripture verses about the topic, spirits to discern and cast out, prayer of activation, and declarations to speak out. She covered ten strongholds such as, “fear, pride, anger, rejection, victim and poverty mentalities, addictions”, and much more.

One of the first topics, she explored was fear and how fear can come into our lives. Fear is able to enter our lives through generational curses, soul ties, trauma, accidents, and near-death experiences. They can in turn become strongholds of fear over our lives and keep us from living our lives the way Christ intended. She encouraged readers to deal with the fear strongholds now where they don’t get past down until future generations. The way for freedom is seeking inner healing and letting Him change our mind, behaviors, and habits. She explained to readers they have to learn from God’s word who they are in Christ and we need to plead the blood of Christ over our lives and our children. She opened up about some of her own fears such as her fear of dying in a car accident and she would always think something was wrong with her car. She learned how to release the fear over her life and trust God to protect her. 

I would recommend this awesome book on anyone who is ready to be free and they are tried of strongholds controlling their lives. This book has the potential to assist readers into releasing the chains of strongholds that is holding them back from life. Most of us have dealt with fear, pride, anger, rejection, and addictions and we all long live a joyful and free life. I immensely enjoyed how she explored many different topics and how she included tons of scriptures to help readers into breaking strongholds. I also liked how she shared prayers and declarations that readers can say out loud over their life to combat the power and schemes of satan. This is a book meant for readers to keep close by and speak out declarations and scriptures whenever they are dealing with certain issues.  I truly believe if readers will take the time to declare over their lives and speak out, and believe that God will help them overcome their strongholds we would see a big change in their lives and even in the entire world!

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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