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Journey of Me Running a 5K for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Journey of My Run:

I have been feeling the need to join a 5K run. But first let me back up. It all started, when I hear from a Country Music artist, Mrs. Jo Dee Messina talking about the run. I have listened to her music, since I was a little kid. I remember when “Bye-Bye” and “I’m Alright” was released on a CD. Now times have changed, you can buy music online now from ITunes, Amazon, Wal-Mart Downloads, and many other online stores. But Jo Dee was one of my first artists’ I grew up to like. She was always a country girl, who could tell it like it is. She still can tell it like it is.

Well, one day I turned on the computer and saw that she was going to be starting a podcast. It was a live podcast via Ustream, which is a way you can connect with fans through a chat board and can even put on a show live. She also took calls via Say Now, which is a phone service that lets artists answer calls and talk to fans. The artists take the calls on their own phones and there real numbers are never revealed.

I know you’re thinking what does this have to do with running a 5K. I am getting there slowly. It started when I talked to Jo Dee Messina live on her podcast. Yes, I actually talked to the one and only Jo Dee Messina. There was a little joke going on about a caller asking for Justin Bieber's Say Now number. They wanted to call him, but somehow the little girls got Jo Dee’s number instead. So I called and asked her his number too as a joke. Then, I decided why not ask for Reba’s number while I was at it. I asked if she could hook me up with her. Yes, I am a 19 year old but hey, I had to pick a big top name. I had to take that risk. Jo Dee laughed hard; everyone knows that I had to bring the laugher to the show! She is a very rounded down to Earth girl. I have watched most of the podcasts.

If you would like to watch her podcasts, she does them every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 EST/6 CST/04:00PM PT during the month of April. The show is called Make Something of It with Jo Dee Messina on Ustream. She is getting fans throughout the globe to send in awesome stories of inspiration to share. She is also is sharing shout-outs, taking questions, sharing your talents, and a hot button, but she is trying to keep it uplifting. You can email her your stories, questions, ideas for the show by using her website. She started the show to help her promote her new album coming out Tuesday, April 27. Tune in and you might get to hear previews. You still have time to order her autographed copy of Unmistakable Trilogy: Love for a special price of 5.99. But it’s only for a limited time.

Just use the forms on her website to submit the info below:

Watch the broadcast live below:

Now, here is what, I want to share with you. I just wanted to give you the background on why, I decided to take on this next huge life changing challenge.

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is holding an event to raise money for Cancer research for children. Country superstar, Jo Dee Messina is hosting the event for St. Jude’s Hospital. She has invited fans to take part in the run with her. So, I have decided to start training for a 5K run, which she is hosting. I think it is a wonderful cause to be a small part of. I invite you to take part in the run, as well, if you are in the Nashville area. Maybe you could even travel to the event too. My story is I haven’t ever participated in a run before. My goal is to make the 5K event knowing, I helped make a difference. Even if you can’t join in the event, you can still donate online. I urge you to help out St. Jude’s Hospital today. I will be a part of Jo Dee’s The Unmistakables running team. You are welcome to join any other team or you can even start your own.

The Unmistakables team link is listed below:

For the list of other team’s here is the link:

I decided to run with Jo Dee Messina and all the St. Jude’s Heroes in this 5K event coming up in June. I will keep blogging and keep everyone up to date. If I can do it, so can you. Just, please check with your physician or any other health care professional before you start exercising. They will be able to make sure you are fit to start training.

The 5K run event starts at 8 am on Saturday, June 12, 2010. There is also a Fun Run for kid’s that starts at 7:30 am. The event starts at the Public Square Courthouse in Nashville, TN.

If you want to join the 5K run, check out the link below:

The fee’s to join the 5K are $20 through May 28.The fee’s increase however, if you decide to wait, until it gets closer to June. If you want until the day of the event it will cost you $30 to enter it. It should be an exciting day of fun, knowing you helped make a difference. I hope you will consider helping me raise money for the kid’s going through the awful diseases of cancer.

If you would like to support me, which I hope you will consider.

Check out the link below:

You are helping so many children out, where St. Jude's can keep helping them daily. Cancer is a deadly disease, but you can help save a child's life. Thank you for your continued support. It is going to a wonderful cause.

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