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Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 3

Week 1

Day 3 - Sunday, April 18
Today was a quite a long or it seemed that way in my run/walk. I ran the first lap on the track. I made it about 1 full lap running, but mom pointed out that it wasn’t actually near the start line. I was trying to be optimism about going a full lap non- stopped. I walked the second lap. I am trying to do a run and a walk at the very beginning. Then, I hope to increase the length and the process of running a full 5K. I ran part of the third lap, and then I stopped yet again. But it is making me stronger to keep pressing on to the finish line. I walked the very last lap of course. I went a total of four laps again today. My side got a little bit sorer today along with my legs. However, yesterday my side didn’t hurt though. As they always say, “No pain no gain”. I went for a total of 1.91 miles in my goal of a 5K. I also burned 1044 calories, which is a great thing. I went a total of 34290 steps and a worked out for a total of 23 minutes and 19 seconds. Thank you for your support and your love! :) I also want to thank you for all the prayers and donations to St. Jude’s. Now to watch the 45th ACM Awards, you know I couldn’t miss it.

What performances were you excited to see?

What did you think of the show?

Who were you rooting for?

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