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Journey of My Run Week 2 : Day 2-7

Week 2

Day 2 - Saturday, April 24

I worked out in a different way today. I lifted weights using a Bow-Flex. I lifted about 30 pounds, since I haven’t lifted weights in a while. Also I was busy today and I had to go to a family graduation. So I didn’t make time for the running.

Day 3 - Sunday, April 25

I walked for 46536 steps so far. I also went for 2.25 miles! I burned a total of 1430 calories. I ran the first lap and I walked the rest of the four laps.

Day 4 – Monday, April 26, Day 5 – Tuesday, April 27, Day 6 – Wednesday, April 28

I didn’t work out during these days. It was the last two weeks of college. So that’s why the posts were delayed.

Day 7 – Thursday, April 29

I ran one lap around the track. I have gone for a total of 48222 steps so far. I only went for 0.79 mile, which is a little less than a mile- really. I burned a total of 1480 total. I only went one lap in order to make it back for the podcast.

Note: I am sorry for the delay again. College finals the last two weeks made me very busy!


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