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Journey of My Run Week 5 : Day 5

Day 5 – Tuesday, May 18

What am I waiting for? What are you waiting for?
Now is the time to make someone’s life better. It is way bigger than us. But when we all come together, we can touch many lives. Who do you want to be? Do you want to get free and feel happy?

I want God to say, “Well done faithful child”. We have got to reach out and not be so selfish. Money is not going to make you happy. You can keep buying all those things and all you have is more things. See, we always want MORE MORE MORE! But are you truly happy? Is it filling you up? Making you complete?

Ask yourself those questions. He already knows the answers.

Do you want to wake up at 90 years old on your death bed wondering, what might have been? If you would have just changed and helped someone. If you would have loved harder. If you would have let go of the pain of your past and healed. If you would have remained peaceful in conflict. If you would just had the fruit of the spirit. If you would have prayed more. If you would open the door of someone. If you would have smiled more. If you would have reach out a helping hand. If you would have accepted everyone. If you would have forgave someone. If you would have spend more time with your family. If you would have read the word more. If you would have…..

I know they are hard questions to answer. They all begin with would have. But I need to wake up and see what I am doing with my life. You may need to look at your life like I need to too. I don’t know when I am going to die. We could all die tomorrow and we could not. But we don’t have tomorrow promised. We only have right now to live. Some people die at 10 years old, 16 years old, 27 years old, 52 years old, or 88 years old. See we have no way of knowing when we will die. But everyone does die. You can choose Heaven or Hell. It’s your choice.

You can choose to party right now, all you want, or you can change the world.

You can choose to love.

You can choose to live by your emotions and mind.

You can choose to be selfish.

You can choose to live in the past.

You can choose to move into the future.

You can choose to help one another.

You can choose to not help.

You can choose to be happy.

You can choose to be depressed.

You have free will.

Watch “What If” by Nichole Nordeman:

So please join me in helping the children of St. Jude’s Research Hospital. The children are being funded by you. Thank you for helping! All of the donations made on the link below are used to help people who are dying from cancer. But we have the power to help stop it! But only if you help and make a donation to St. Jude’s can we fight cancer together.

I went a total of 3.10 miles today. On the laps, sometimes I ran and sometimes I walked them. But I am building up my strength and speed. Each day I AM growing and improving. I burned a total of 200 calories. I took a mass sum of 6552 steps. I went around 6 laps on my running and walking journey. Now, let’s help each other out. Love someone today!

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