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Heart of the Country: Sometimes to Go Forward, You Have to Go Back By Rene Gutteridge and John Ward Book Review

Heart of the Country is a novel about Faith and Luke Carraday, a young couple living in New York about to encounter trying times. Luke’s family is very wealthy and looks down on Faith because she isn’t wealthy and she hasn’t finished her college degree yet. Luke decided to set out from his dad and brother’s business, and he wanted to make a name for himself on his own. He bought into the Michov Brothers Company with his inheritance from his dad. Ultimately, Luke is arrested and charged with his connection in a Ponzi scheme. Faith fleets and returns back to her little hometown. She is warmly welcomed by her father but her sister is bitter and hurt by how Faith originally left. She is also torn and devastated by all of the lies Luke told her. She is debating throughout the novel if their marriage is worth saving and repairing. Luke and Faith is both considered prodigals who left their families to pursue their own ambitions. Will their marriage survive through the heartache and pain? Will the two prodigals return home before it’s too late?


I would recommend this delightful novel to anyone who enjoys reading books that contain romance, heartache, and trials. I immensely loved the plot and I loved how the author included a Christian spin on the content. I believed that the book was very relatable and believable. I liked the book’s message of moving forward, you have to deal with the past no matter how hard it is. My favorite character was Faith because she had to learn how to heal and forgive even when it was extremely difficult. I also liked how Luke had to recognize from his past mistakes and grow into a better man. I disliked how at times, it was sad but I understand why the author had to add that twist into the novel. I also liked how the book changed character perceptive throughout the novel and it enhanced the overall conspiracy. If you’re looking for a Faith filled book with an exciting plot, then read this one!


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