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How To Find God's Love By Don Nori Sr Book Review

How To Find God's Love, Don Nori Sr explored the depths and truths of God's endless love for you. Don Nori Sr was lonely and he felt that his life didn't matter. He didn't know how people would remember him. But God revealed his deep love for him. The book has tons of scripture to back up and support the truth of God's love. He included stories from others about how God turned their life around. He became a friend to the lonely, he set someone free from chasing after money and fame, and he set someone free from drugs and having sex to obtain someone's love. Every chapter included a powerful prayer to pray to our Father!

I would strongly recommend this book on God's everlasting love to everyone! It was a great reminder that God is more than able to change someone's life. Real joy and love comes from God. I found out that it is important to believe the life changing Gospel for myself. There is incredible power in the name of Jesus! God is always ready to forgive us for our sins all we have to do is ask! He will be a friend who is standing right by us always! Praise God! If someone is desperately seeking for love and wants to find freedom, read this book on God's unfailing love! It makes a wonderful tool for helping lost souls to come to know God!! This book will lead millions to salvation and people will find Christ!!

Don Nori Sr and Destiny Image has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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