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Spirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy By Kris Vallotton Book Review

In Spirit Wars, Kris Vallotton wrote an awesome book on the spiritual world and how to stand against the demonic forces that are attacking us. Kris has experienced firsthand attacks from Satan and his demonic forces. He has suffered from panic attacks and depression. He became free! Vallotton discovered Nehemiah teaches believers the ways Satan attacks believers. Nehemiah was trying to rebuild the walls and gates around Jerusalem. Sanballat criticized Nehemiah by trying to stop him from rebuilding the walls. The devil is still present in today times and he is trying to stop believers from fulfilling the call of God on their lives. The devil makes us doubt our gifts and talents, he likes us to throw questions into our minds, he makes us lose our Faith in God, and so much more. Readers will learn about the armor of God and how to stand strong. The book contains chapters on “How to Cast out Demons” and “Generational Curses”.

The book was very eye opening and it was the best book that I have read on understanding the devils schemes. I have realized the importance of standing on the truth of God’s word. I have struggled with the spirit of depression and it was very comforting that Kris Vallotton came through his attacks. He also shared a story that many students entered College with feelings of anxiety. He noticed that they were getting closer to God’s purpose in their life and the enemy was trying to get them to remain in bondage. I have experienced the attack of fear and loss of sleep when I entered College. I connected with this story and saw what the enemy was trying to accomplish. I would recommend this wonderful book to everyone because we need to understand that we are in a fight. Satan is throwing conflicts right in front of our very lives. This book will encourage readers to stand strong in the last days and it will help you to know what you aren’t alone. The enemy is attacking us but we must stand on the truth of God’s word. If you’re struggling with spirits of depression, fear, addictions, and many other kinds of attacks just remember that they are from Satan. I gained a lot of knowledge from this book and I believe it will help you too!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Chosen/Bethany House Publishers book review bloggers program.”                            

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I haven't read this book but I can relate because 12 years aga I was depressed and if it wasn't for God's divine intervention I would be dead. It's truly important to understand the devils tactics,I didn't then but I do now that God has given me wisdom and insight from my experience.But God can truly deliver us if we let Him intervene!! ;-)


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