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You Are Made for More: How to Become All You Were Created to Be By Lisa Osteen Comes Book Review

You Are Made for More is an inspiring book written by Lisa Osteen Comes. Lisa Osteen Comes is Joel Osteen’s sister and she is also associate pastor at Lakewood Church. Her book covers twelve chapters to remind readers that they are made for more. The book revealed you are made a masterpiece, to hope, to live your dreams, to rise above other’s expectations, to keep on, and so much more. We don’t just have to live a less than life we can live an abundant life and run our own race!

Lisa Osteen Comes has had to practice endurance and she had to make a choice to never give up when life threw curve balls and challenges at her. When Lisa was born she couldn’t walk or talk and the doctors placed a limit and a label on her life. They told her parents that she would never be able to walk or talk and that they would have to take care of her for the rest of their lives.  They said she had cerebral palsy and they couldn’t do anything to help her overcome the diagnosis. But God healed her and now she is a speaker and she walks perfectly fine now! Satan couldn’t stop her from fulfilling her destiny. In her childhood, she had to choose to not dwell on negative words her classmates spoke over her. She was shinny and they called her Olive Oyl from Popeye. She started accepting the negative words and she started to believe them. The pain of those negative words led her into looking at who God has said she was. God has declared that she is blessed, gifted, loved, and so much more!  But the magnificent news is that he says the same thing about you!

She had to deal with the pains of an unwanted divorce and she had to learn how to heal and recover. Discouragement threatened to escort her into a pit of depression and anxiety consumed her thoughts. She worried about being label as divorced and she thought people would reject her. She didn’t understand why her ex-husband wanted a divorce. She ultimately saw that God restored her and she started encouraging others who were going through a divorce.

The book also enclosed breathtaking details about a mail bomb explosion that could have taken her life, how God led her new husband to her, and how they dealt with infertility.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with addictions, negative self-esteem issues, limits and words people have placed on you, going through a divorce, living a life of fear and worry, having trouble with forgiving others or yourself, healing from life’s pains, in a pit of depression, and anyone who doesn’t believe they can overcome and step into their destiny. The book is extremely helpful in guiding readers to believing the truth that God has an enormous plan and purpose for their life. Your life doesn’t have to be filled with discouragement and limits. I have struggled with pessimistic thoughts and limits others have positioned on me and told me who I was supposed to be. I was told all kind of things that didn’t uplift me and their words didn’t line up what God said. This book has assisted me with the knowledge of relabeling myself with positive words from the Bible.

One of the stories that Lisa Osteen Comes included was a story about her friend, Damon. When Damon was a teenager his father left his mother and abandoned him.  Damon decided to grab a gun and end his life. He pulled the gun trigger and the gun that was loaded with bullets wouldn’t fire. His mother told him about how God caused the gun to not fire and she reminded Damon that he had an awesome future ahead of him. Others labeled him as a trouble maker and people said he would end up in prison. He almost became what he believed was in his future. One night he was involved in a shooting when people started fighting each other. He fired shots that hit two people. Cops were called and he fled the commotion. He prayed to God the he would spare him and he said he would serve him if he got out of this situation. Damon finally saw that he become what others stated him to be. He accepted the labels when he should have rejected them. God changed his life and redeemed him. He started to reach out to young teenagers and inmates and help them re-change their labels that were spoken over them. This story showed the importance of removing the negative labels and limits others have put on us. We can literally curse ourselves and let others define us or we can choose to believe what God says!

Lisa Osteen Comes has a way of teaching the principles of the word of God to let readers know they are made for more. This book was a huge encouragement for me to receive all that God has for me. This book is one that everyone should read to benefit from and learn about your amazing destiny and future that God has for you. I immensely enjoyed all of the scriptures and Bible stories that Lisa made to prove her point! This book has radically changed my perspective and had encouraged me to become everything I was made to be! I was made for more! You are made for more! Believe it and receive it!

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