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Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions by Aaron Tabor, MD Book Review and Giveaway

My Review:


Jesus Daily is an excellent new interactive devotional written by Aaron Tabor, founder of popular Facebook page, Jesus Daily. Each month covers a different theme and some of these themes are “Jesus is the answer, Jesus Heals, Jesus Changed My Life”, and much more. The book contains beautiful illustrations to draw readers into God’s Holy presence. It also has a nice ribbon bookmark in it to help you find the next day easier. Each day has a main scripture verse and a wonderful lesson to encourage readers through this difficult walk of life. It also enclosed a connect feature which is designed to ignite readers into reaching out and interacting with others and showing them the love of Christ.


I was selected to post my review today, December 3.


Today’s teaching told the story of the angel appearing to Mary telling her that a child was going to be born to her. Mary was told she would conceive and have a son and to name him Jesus. The angel assured her to not be afraid because she found favor from God. Imagine for a minute that an angel just appeared to you declaring you’re carrying God’s chosen child who would forever change the entire world. If you can’t imagine an angel appearing before you, then picture waiting for the results of an EPT test. Like most people who have ever taken a pregnancy test, you have mixed emotions: excitement, fear, and maybe even a little scared to death waiting for those long results to see if one’s on the way or more than one. Not to mention, Mary was engaged to be married and it wasn’t Joseph’s child. As we all know people would gossip and pass judgment and believe they had premarital sex even when it wasn’t the truth. But when God gave Mary favor it changed her life and everyone around her for generations to come.


It’s always tough when our circumstances don’t look good in the natural and we don’t understand His plan for our life in this present moment. In the bigger scope of looking at life, we will eventually see that His plan is far better than we will realize. But one touch of God’s favor changed her life instantly and one touch of His favor can also change yours! That dry season and drought in your life dramatically can be changed with one touch of His favor! That couple who is having infertility problems one touch of God’s favor and boom you’re expecting. The adoption process that is taking forever and suddenly you receive an unexpected call that you’re approved for adoption and everything works out. The married couple who is angry and bitter at their spouse and can’t even stand sleeping next to their spouse anymore and one touch of His favor and hearts are soften and love is rekindled. The breakup that has almost killed you’re self-worth and you’re thinking you will never find love again and one touch of God’s favor and boom you fall in love again and this time it’s with a way better person. You lost your job and you’re struggling to find another one and boom with God’s favor you find a way better job. That person who has an addiction and is struggling to be set free, one touch of God’s favor and you’re craving is gone. Sickness and disease is causing you to have immense fear in your life and one touch of His power and your body is healed.


Today’s devotional reminded me to always remember to notice the favor of God in small and big things. Favor can be simple things such as someone giving you a good parking space to bigger things such as receiving an unexpected financial blessing. It’s viral to take the time and pay attention to God’s favor in your life.


I would highly recommend checking this devotional out and seriously letting it help you to refocus on enjoying God’s presence.



I was asked by FaithWords to review a copy of this amazing new resource.


Thanks so very much to FaithWords for graciously providing me with an extra copy of Jesus Daily and a t-shirt to giveaway to a lucky reader during their 12 Days of Christmas promotion! 

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