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Thrive Student Edition: Digging Deep, Reaching Out By Mark Hall Book Review

Thrive is a book about thriving in this world and not living in survival mode and going through the motions of everyday living. It is written by Mark Hall lead singer of popular recording group Casting Crowns. Mark Hall strongly believes too many Christians are just trying to survive through this life when in fact Jesus came where we could live our life and live it abundantly. In part one of the book, he compared our lives to a tree and we need to have roots that run deep and that is only possible by digging into the word of God regularly. The next part is reaching out to others like branches on a tree.


I would recommend this life changing book especially to every single high school and college aged student. I liked how Mark Hall revealed personally details about how he struggled with negative thinking and seeing himself the way God saw him. He also openly admitted that after a long-term relationship ended he held a gun to his head and tried to take his own life. What helped him was digging into the word of God and listening to His voice instead of the enemy. Mark Hall also failed the entrance exam for music majors and he struggled to know what to do with his life. In this book, he is actively trying to assist students into discovering their gifts that God has given them and how to use it for His kingdom.


One of my favorite chapters was, “The Eagle and The Yardbird”. This story was basically about a lost eagle that was living with a bunch of chickens. The chickens believed he was just an ugly yardbird who wasn’t like the other chickens. He was chastised for shrieking instead of clucking. He was told to follow everyone else and act like them. He never knew he was an eagle and he had so much more in store for his life. I really connected with this story because so many people struggle to believe what God has declared over their lives and they struggle with accepting and loving themselves like God does. We get caught up in believing what other people say about us and we believe their lies. Mark Hall pointed out the one way to fix this is having our roots into the word of God. This book helped me to realize that I have to work on making sure my roots are planted on solid ground. If you’re looking for a book on thriving and living an abundant life, then read this book!



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