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Acres of Diamonds: Discovering God’s Best Right Where You Are by Jentezen Franklin Book Review

In Acres of Diamonds, Jentezen Franklin has written a book to help readers to unlock their hidden potentials right where they currently are. He encouraged readers to not quit and to stay right where you are. Most of us are always wanting something more and we believe the grass is green elsewhere. He explained the importance of learning to stay when the going gets tough. We are willing to look for another spouse, church, job anything that will make our lives easier and possible have less conflicts and happiness. He wants believers to learn that they have diamonds inside them and that we all will face disappointments, setbacks, and trials. He explains how a diamond is made and how it takes pressure, heat, and time. And like a diamond our trials and setbacks and God can use everything to help us achieve our purpose in Christ. He shared how he had to wait for God’s perfect timing. Free Chapel had just moved into a new building and they were working to pay off the debt. Unexpectedly he received a phone call from in 1993 from evangelist, R.W. Schambach and he wanted to come preach at Free Chapel. They haven’t ever met prior to this and he shared with everyone on stage about how God told him that Franklin was supposed to be on TV. In 10 minutes, the church raised more than $138,000. He learned through this to trust God’s timing and he had to learn to be obedient. Throughout the book, he looked at different Biblical stories such as King David, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Abraham, Jesus, and much more and how they discovered their diamonds and how they overcame their own setbacks and fulfilled their purposes. 

One of my favorite stories, he shared was about thanking God for doors that didn’t open up in our lives. He shared a personal story about how his daughter rear ended a guy at a red light. The man purposely accelerated and then slammed on his brakes. She hit him and he told her it would all be okay as long as she would have sex with him in the back seat. She screamed and eventually he ran away. When the police showed up, they explained this was a new way that sexual predators were using to get victims. They later learned the dent was caused from another accident and this man has done this scheme before. Franklin opened up about how the enemy tried to use this for harm and God closed the door. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is read to discover their purpose right where they are. I immensely enjoyed this book and it’s probably one of the best books that I have read. I connected with how Jentezen explained the full power of staying in your marriage, staying in your job, and church. Most of us tend to run away from conflicts and we think it will be better off somewhere else and sometimes God wants us to stay put and to see the diamonds in wherever we currently are. I liked how he explored the passage of King David and how he would pray to God to open his eyes to the wonderful things around him. Franklin encouraged everyone to pause and ask God to open our own eyes to see His power and to see His vision for our lives and to witness the diamonds that already around us. If you’re looking for an inspiration book on unlocking your full potential, then read this excellent book! 

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.”     

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