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One Small Step: The Life-Changing Adventure of Following God’s Nudges by Matthew Barnett Book Review

In One Small Step, Matthew Barnett explored the power of taking just one small step to make a difference in someone else’s life. In this book, he discussed we can have Holy Spirit encounters that nudge us into reaching out to help others. He opens up by sharing how he started the Dream Center and how they have made a great difference in their community. The dream center is located in Los Angeles. It a four hundred-thousand-square-foot hospital type building that provides a place to live for the addicts, homeless, veterans, victims of human trafficking, and kids who are aged out of foster care. It’s free of charge for them. In the book, he discussed how he was the son of a megachurch pastor, Tommy Barnett and how he saw his own father take small steps for Christ. 

He shared how in 2016 they faced an impossible problem and he considered calling it quits after twenty years of ministry. They were running out of money and he decided to cash out some of his retirement to make payroll that month. He shared how he had to tell his whole staff and had to admit they are nearing failure and he opened up to readers about he had to make a choice to choose faith over his fears. In the book, he also revealed the story about how he decided to run a world marathon challenge on every continent for a fundraising event for the Dream Center. He shared how he had to deal with his fear of his blood clots returning. Throughout the event, he shared the challenges he faced and how he chose to keep going until the end of the marathon. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to follow God’s nudges and to make a difference in someone else’s life. I immensely love how Matthew opened up about how he started the Dream Center and how much of an impact they are having in their community. I connected with how real he was in sharing the small steps he had to decide to take. One of my favorite stories that he shared was the story of a young boy, he met at his daughter’s track practice. He was holding his stomach and he was complaining that he hasn’t had food in a long time. So, he decided to give him some fruit and he told him that this was super fruit and this would help him to achieve his best time ever. He ended up finishing third and had his best time ever. He shared how he made this a big deal to celebrate and encourage this young boy and he also brought him a hotdog and chips to celebrate. In this example, Matthew shared how we all have the power to influence and we can choose to make a big deal out of stuff that can have the potential to change other people’s lives for the better. If you’re looking for a new book on taking small steps and following God’s nudges, then read this book! 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Chosen/ Bethany House for my honest review.” 

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