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Secrets of the Happy Soul: Experience the Deep Delight You Were Made for by Katie Orr Book Review

In Secrets of the Happy Soul, Katie Orr explored the scriptures of Psalms and some secrets we can use to be happier in our lives. She opens the book by revealing how she battled depression and how some days she doesn’t want to even go to church. She is a pastor wife and has three kids. She shared how she had to deal with grief when she lost her 29-year-old brother from a drug overdose. She opened up about how she struggles with being happy and how she was able to find a happy soul. She goes into detail about how the old Katie is dead and the new Katie is alive in Christ and how she is now a new creature. She also looked at the word happy in the Bible and what the Hebrew manuscripts use for this word. It is used 45 times in the Old Testament. She explained how God’s people are supposed to be happy and how it is spiritual it is in our DNA. Throughout the book, she looked at six secrets on happiness and some of these included, “happy soul is focused on God, attached to God’s Word, dependent on God’s provision, surrendered to the King”, and much more. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone how is feeling unhappy and overwhelmed with life. As I was reading this book, unhappiness and uncertainty is being felt all over the whole world since everyone is focused on the virus. I immensely connected with Katie and how important it is to turn our focus back to God. She encouraged readers to read the scriptures and to find out who God is and let’s try and see Him more clearly. We need to focus on that He is in control, that He is our Provider, and that He will be our Comfort in life. I liked how in each chapter she included multiple scriptures where readers can mediate on and be encouraged by. I liked how she made soul searching questions where readers can evaluate and do some soul searching. If you’re looking for a book on finding happiness and want to have a happier soul, then read this book! 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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