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Winning the War Within: The Journey to Healing and Wholeness by Jason Vallotton with Kris Vallotton Book Review

In Winning the War Within, Jason Vallotton, explored the topic of the war that is within us and how we all try and avoid the conflicts in life. He looked how Jesus describes a believer’s life and how in His name we can cast out demons, speak in tongues, pick up snakes, and place hands on people believing for their healing. He shared how we all have suffering and storms in life and we have to learn to preserve. In the book, he reveals the heartache he experienced when his wife left him after nine years. He describes how he dealt with his loneliness, disappointment, rejection, and the pain of letting go of the vision of happier ever after. He explains how we was able to work through his pain of prison and to get wholeness. 

He explored the concept of the God’s spot and he asked everyone to look at who we are putting at the center of our lives. He shared how he struggled with this and he put his wife in his God’s spot. He expressed how he had a high pleaser personality and he hated conflict. He backs this up by looking at Psalms 23 and how this scripture explains how God is our Shepherd and how God is with us through the valley of the shadow of death. He discovered four ways to re-center our God spot and how we can let God back on the throne over our lives. He traces back to his childhood and how he struggled with fear and how it even led to him in accepting Christ a lot of this was out of fear of being left behind after watching a film. In his childhood, he sneaked into his parents to sleep on their floor and he had fears of dying and being alone. When he was fourteen-year-old he shared how he hated being home alone and how he would load a gun every day in case someone broke into their home. He revealed how he was taught by his dad to take every thought captive and how he learned to change his thoughts. He was able to overcome strongholds of fear and to recognize the lies before they took over control of his life. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is experiencing struggles in their own lives and they are having a difficult time dealing with conflicts and they are overwhelmed. I immensely connected with his story of being afraid of being alone and how a film of being left behind drew him into receiving Christ. I was also led to salvation in the same way it was just a different movie then his was. I related to his personal story and have experiencing some of the same fears he has. I liked how he looked at the God’s spots in our lives and how we can change it and redirected it back to God being the center of our lives. In reading the book, I can’t help but wonder if maybe this Covid-19 virus is also supposed to bring us all back to Christ being the center and it’s to show us all that jobs, church, friends, family, school, and anything else isn’t supposed to our God for our lives. We are supposed to have Him at the center. I also liked how he included discussion questions at the end of each chapter to guide readers into thinking about their own lives and help them to find their wholeness. I believe this book has the power to assist readers into dealing with their pains, shattered dreams, and wounds and help them in working through the path to wholeness.  

"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 

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