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Ephesians Bible Study Lesson Eight: Walk Worthy in Relationships By Sue Edwards

Ephesians Lesson 8:


Theme: Walk Worthy in Relationships


In Ephesians 5:21, we read about the significance of submitting to one another out of admiration of Christ. Wives are advised to submit to their husbands as unto the Lord. Christ has declared that husbands are the head of their wife like Christ is the head of the Church. There are definability limits in submission such as, wives shouldn’t be doormats and this also doesn’t allow men to abuse women. Wives are encouraged to respect their husbands and listen to his leadership.


Husbands are called to love their wife as Christ loved the Church. He sacrificed His life for us and washed us clean from our many sins. The man that loves his wife portrays love for himself. We aren’t permitted to hate our own bodies and this means we are supposed to care for our wives.


Paul explained to believers that we are commanded to leave our fathers and mothers and be united with our spouse. Two flesh are to become one like Christ and the Church is one.


In Ephesians 6:1-4, we get a teaching on children and parenting. Children are commanded to obey and honor their parents because they belong to the Lord. This is also the first commandment with a promise. God promised that if you honor your parents, you will have a long life on earth. Fathers are instructed to not angry their children in how we treat them. Fathers are called to use discipline and instruction from the written Word.


As an employee, we are directed to mind people in authority with respect and we’re taught to serve them as we would Christ. We are ordered to hard work even when they aren’t watching us. Bosses are instructed to treat their employees in the same way and they aren’t permitted to threaten them. Paul reminded us that God has no favorites and we are all His children.


I intensely hope that you will be joining us in this wonderful study of Ephesians by Sue Edwards! Together, we can learn more about Christ and God’s written Word. And also please check back each Friday on my blog through November 18 for more insights into the amazing study!


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