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The Prodigal: A Novel By Michael Hurley Blog Tour and Giveaway

The Prodigal is a book that contains many different facets and layers in portraying the hidden tales and mixing it with a contemporary twist. The book begins with a background scene in Greece in 1851 and a father is devastated that his daughter is running off with a young attractive boy. The father hates how the boy has talked his daughter into committing the worst type of sin imaginable, and she freely chose to do so. They steal a ship called the Prodigal and this builds the plot concerning the ship. Next, readers are introduced to the setting on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. The book contained four main characters: Aidan, Marcus, Ibrahim, and Molly and their different stories are told throughout the novel.  


I would recommend this amazing novel to anyone who enjoys reading mystery. Michael Hurley is a brilliant writer in connecting all of the characters back to each other. I was lured in by his exciting descriptive writing style and he knew how to capture reader’s attention. I liked how he wrote each character in a way that revealed their humanness and flaws. They were easy to relate to and I could effortlessly recognize people’s personalities that I have encounter in my own life and tie them back to the story. The overall mystery was shocking and I never saw the depth and the importance of the ship until the very end. I liked how the book composed of some Biblical aspects positioned in the book. The way Michael described sailing made me feel as if I was travelling along! If you’re looking for an excellent written mystery packed novel, then read this book!


“I received a copy of the book for free from TLC Blog Tours for this review.”


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