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Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended By Lina Abujamra Book Review

In Thrive, Lina Abujamra opened candidly about her struggles with being single in her forties and she hasn’t been married and doesn’t have any children. She also ended an engagement so she understands the pain in going through that. She has written this book to encourage believers that they can still thrive and live for God even if they are single. She begins the book by admitting 1 Corinthians 7 was tough reading and she resisted to look as being single a gift given by God. There are a few people who like Paul know that they are meant to be single where they can more fully impact the Kingdom of God. She also reminded singles that there isn’t something deadly wrong with them if they are single and they aren’t leftovers. Lina reinforced the truth found in scriptures about how God created them and He chose them and that makes them loveable! She also explored four obstacles that we have to obtain victory in.


She revealed the five attitudes to embrace during your season of singleness, for instance, “I Can’t Find No Satisfaction: Learning Contentment, Oops, I Did It Again: Choosing Self-Control, “Free as a Bird: Understanding True Freedom”, and more. There will be extreme seasons of discontentment when single people encounter other couples and there the only ones alone, the loneliness of coming home to an empty house, people reminding you of how you need to hurry and settle down, and when people marry and have children. Lina Abujamra stated that many singles are disappointed because they focus too much on what others are doing with their life. Another area of the book was the importance of self-control against lusting. Countless singles struggle with believing into the lies satan tries to tell them about lust. We buy into that a little bit won’t hurt, we can keep it a secret, everyone else is, and many other lies. She also dealt with the subject a number of Christians avoid discussing, masturbation.


I would recommend this excellent book on being single to anyone who is in their season of singleness. I immensely connected with Lina Abjamra’s personal story about how she has managed being single. I would also suggest this book to people who are married. This book was tremendously encouraging because I’m currently single and I long to be married and to have children. This book taught me a lot about handling the difficult seasons of discontentment and discouragement. I will confess that I struggle when others get married and they announce their expecting and I want to be blessed in the same way. I realized that my life doesn’t become complete when I finally get married or have kids. I have also experienced the awkward conversation of people telling me I need to hurry up and settle down and I’m only twenty-three. This book helped instill in me who I am in Christ, my worth and value, and how to thrive for God in my singleness. If you are seeking a book on singleness, then I highly encourage you to read this book!


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