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The Harbinger Decoded DVD Official Documentary By Jonathan Cahn Review

The Harbinger Decoded DVD is a documentary based on the book, The Harbinger written by a Jewish Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn. The DVD featured highlights from the bestselling book and was presented to teach some of the main points. The idea to write the book came when Jonathan Cahn was standing in New York after September 11th when God pressed upon him to notice the sycamore tree lying at Ground Zero. The book was written as a fictional book but had factual information in it. The DVD demonstrated the nine harbingers that a prophet gave to a stranger named Nouriel. Cahn explored the Biblical concepts found in Isaiah 9-10 and how they relate to today’s times in America. Jonathan Cahn shared that one of the nine harbingers was the fallen bricks of the Twin Towers and he compared this to ancient Israel and their destruction. Some of the other nine harbingers was about the sycamore tree that was discovered at Ground Zero, the new stone build in defiance, and the truthful statements from American leaders about our allegiance against God.


I would recommend this unbelievable DVD to every single believer because we truly need to be aware of what is happening in the world around us. This DVD taught me so much about the end times and hidden secrets concerning the attack on September 11th, 2001 and the aftermath that we have followed in Israel’s rebellion actual footsteps mistakenly. This is the first time, I have heard about the book or Jonathan Cahn. I immensely was shocked about what our key leaders in America professed unknowingly and they had no idea what they even said. They declared publicly America’s rebellions against God. I was deniability horrified in watching the DVD and what America as a whole, we have allowed to occur. The nine harbingers stunned me and I learnt about the sycamore and the stone we have designed at Ground Zero and so much more. I also liked how Jonathan Cahn shared how he got published by meeting a random stranger at the airport! I also really enjoyed the special features that included Jonathan Cahn’s personal testimony. I haven’t read the book yet, but after seeing the DVD, I want to read it! If you’re looking for a book on the end time prophecy, then read this book!


“I received this DVD for free from Charisma House for this review”. 



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