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Under the Rainbow: A Mother’s Experiences of the Promises of God By Catherine Campbell Book Review

Under the Rainbow is a personal memoir of Catherine Campbell’s heart-wrenching story about two of her three children being born with multiple disabilities. She candidly opened the book describing her experiences with being a nurse and having to witness some awful events. She never saw the next emotional roaster that was headed her way when her own granny noticed something wasn’t right with Cheryl, her first daughter. At first, Catherine denied and believed that her daughter was fine. Doctors later confirmed Cheryl had microcephaly and their family was devastated and in shock. Catherine recalled how a person asked her mother why God would give Catherine a child with disabilities. Catherine admitted like any parent she was hurt by that comment and she would always love her child unconditionally. Later, she tells a story about travelling to England and having someone approach her and declare to her that child like her daughter shouldn’t be born and it would have been better if she died at birth. She also goes into details about Joy, her other daughter being diagnosed with microcephaly and how she learned to cope and handle the upsetting news. The book also contained a positive message about still believing in God despite all of the trials we have to go through in this life.


I would recommend this astonishing book especially to every adult who has suffered a loss or had a child born with a disability. Even if you haven’t suffered a terrible loss this book is still a great read. I loved how Catherine was transparent in revealing and describing her emotions throughout the book. This book made me cry a few tears in reading about the appalling heartache her family has been through. The comments that people spoke to Catherine and her family about her children was unbelievable and I wondered how people could be so heartless in choosing their words. I immensely believe this book has the power to encourage readers going through their own trials to press on until we arrive safely in our Heavenly Father’s arms. If you’re seeking a wonderful book about coping with loss and pain, then read this one for encouragement.


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Thanks Andrew for reading and reviewing so concisely my book Under the Rainbow. I particularly like the comment ".. this book has the power to encourage readers... " You've hit the nail on the head as far as my motivation for writing the book is concerned. Thank you, and God bless you.


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