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Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 7

Week 1

Day 7 - Thursday, April 22

Today, I did something entertaining! I hung out with one of my cousin’s and her family. We played the Wii, which I always enjoy. Normally, we sing American Idol or play Rock Band. But, today we did something different. First, we played a deer hunting game. She only had one controller that could shoot at the pretend deer’s on the screen. So, one of us got the Wii gun controller and the other got the plain old Wii remote. It was much harder using the Wii remote trying to aim at the deer’s. We also took turns with each controller. It had a pleasurable challenge though, you had to aim and hit the moose’s and bears, before they ate you. No, stop drop and roll. Wait, that thing is for fire. We played the duck shooting game next. It took us a while to figure out how to actually get the pretend Wii gun and the remote to shoot. I got lost in the controls again. After, you shoot about 6 ducks; you have to make your dog go get them by using the dog commands. The dogs didn’t want to listen to, “Come, Here, Sit, and There”. The dogs obviously didn’t have a sense of smell at all. The dogs would be right over the birds and they still couldn’t see them. Then, we played two fishing games. One of the games had a mind of its own. The boat would move, if you hit the A button. Of course, I would always cast the line, then I would hit the A button and bam. The boat would start going on its own and I would hit the shore. Then, the boat wouldn’t back up, without taking out the nunchuk from the back of the Wii cast line controller. Maybe it wasn’t in there right, I have no idea. We couldn’t figure out the problem. But it kept happening. So, we played another Wii fishing game and the fishing game got kind of boring, so we moved on. We then played a surfing game and a skiing game with the Wii balance board. Yes, you know good and well, I couldn’t race around the tracks without hitting the gate or wall. Next, we decided to take a break and we rode her golf cart around the block a few times. We watched the Jo Dee Messina podcast broadcast at her house. Jo Dee Messina shared some good stories of inspiration this week. So if you missed it, go watch it! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I didn’t work out again today. Yes, I know I am falling behind. But I am still celebrating my birthday! Haha Next, after the show, her father decided to teach me how to pay the acoustic guitar. He taught me a few chords C, G, A, E, and a lot more. Okay, I don’t know much about guitar beside how to strum the guitar and how to hold the pick. He taught me that, since he has played for years. Someone needs to practice! Yes, I mean me. He also said, “I have the long fingers for it.” You know what they always say about long fingers. Okay, you got me; I don’t know what they say. Well, another thing is that my fingers started to hurt after about an hour and a half. They are still a little numb. I am thinking learning the guitar and mastering running is my goals for the summer.

What are some of your goals this year?

Do you play any instruments? If so, what kind? How often do you play? How many hours a time?

Maybe your thing is working out. How often do you work out? What kind of activities do you do?


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