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Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace By HeathLambert Book Review

In Finally Free, Heath Lambert is on a mission to assist readers in breaking the strongholds of pornography in their lives. Most people struggling with pornography use excuses as defense mechanics and they rationalize why it's completely normally for them to continue down a destructive path. He pointed out at the very beginning of the book that this book doesn't contains numerous statistics on the porn industry and it's effects on users. He has witnessed firsthand that sharing about the dangers of pornography, isn't bringing lasting freedom from this addiction. Instead, he tackles the issue from relying on the power of Jesus Christ to eliminate pornographic images from your life. 

The first chapter sets up the fundamentals of the critical areas of understanding grace. Grace has two major aspects: forgiving grace and transforming grace. Forgiving grace means that all sins that we commit can be forgiven by the blood and debt paid by Jesus' death. This includes any and all sexual sins and immorality. Transforming grace means asking and believing that God can actually assist us in destroying our ties to sexual sins. Next, he goes into details and uses eight different key tools to conquer a pornography addiction. 

One of my favorite chapters was, "Using Radical Measures to Fight Pornography." Heath Lambert suggests that people struggling with a pornography addiction must take a radical approach in your thought life, in your use of time, and cutting off access to porn. Only then will we win the victory in eliminating the control porn has over us. Managing your thought life starts with repenting for your sins and resisting sexual temptations. Next, it's important to remember scriptures to fight back against sexual sins. The third crucial key is leaning on support from trusted accountability partners and friends, and reaching out to them, and calling them when faced with temptations. The biggest difficult facet that Heath recommended was removing the technology equipment completely from your life that you are using to access porn images. Not everyone will have to go that far, but if sexual temptations are ensnaring you, and you can't break free, you may have to. If people who are looking at porn would seriously put into practice these protection measures, victory would be obtainable. 

Another favorite chapter was, "Using Your Spouse (or Your Singleness to Fight Pornography". I immensely connected with the importance of striving for total purity with your spouse or future spouse. The way Heath Lambert shared about the dangers of the forbidden woman was truly life changing and eye opening. Scripture warns us repeatedly in Proverbs 5:1-14 about the dangers found in sexual immorality and the forbidden woman. He forbidden woman knows how to lure and seduce men with her words. But at the same time, she is trying to destroy and take the man into the path of destruction. Ultimately, in Proverbs 5:15-20, we learn about the positive effect of pursuing our wife and having an intimate marriage. Scripture also states that we are supposed to be fully content with our wife's physical body and we shouldn't be needing to lust after pornography. 

I would strongly recommend this incredible book to anyone who is struggling with an active addiction to pornography, and they are truly sick and tired of the control it has over them. I would also recommend this amazing resource to anyone who knows someone who is fighting against pornography temptations and they are wanting to learn more about how to assist in helping their loved ones to win the final victory. This book is mainly written towards men and their sexual temptations, but it does include a few women stories and their challenges with pornography addiction and loneliness. I commend Heath Lambert in taking such a radical stance in beating sexual sins and temptations. The different methods on defeating the strongholds of sexual immorality prevalent in your life isn't going to be easy. I highly believe that if readers would firmly establish and activate the principles present in this book, their lives would be transformed completely. If you're seeking a wonderful book on breaking free from a pornography addiction, then read this book! 


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Ephesians Bible Study Lesson Two: Sit and Pray By Sue Edwards

Ephesians Lesson Two:

Theme: Sit and Pray


This lesson is covering material primarily on Ephesians 1:15-23. The Ephesians were known for their sturdy grounded faith in our tender Savior and the love they demonstrated to others. Paul persistently thanked God for them and their full devotion to Christ. He prayed daily for them and asked God to give them divine wisdom. He also prayed that they would always develop in the knowledge of God and his ways. Next, Paul prayed that their hearts would be filled to overflow with incredible light where believers can comprehend the confident hope and that we would know our magnificent inheritance found in Christ.

Living with an attitude of prayer is key strategy in connecting to the heart of God. It’s critical to be prayerful throughout the entire day. Whatever trials or difficult situations that we may be going through, prayer assists us in handling our problems, and we will be more at peace. We can also bring our repentance, petitions, concerns, and our hurts to the merciful Creator. But most essentially, we can bring our praise and thankfulness and worship our Savior.

In Ephesians 1:19-23, Paul revealed that he prayed for believers to grasp the infinite power of God. He explained to Christians that the same mighty power that raised Christ from the grave is inside us. When Christ rose, he conquered death and displayed resurrection power! Christ is seated next to God in the heavenly realms. Christ has the definitive authority over every single ruler, leader, and everything else. He has power in this world and the world to come. Christ is the head of the church, and the church is His body, and he has control of all things. Resurrection power means that Christ has overcame everything including our sins and death. The devil will one day, very soon, be thrown into the lake of fire. Victory will be Christ, and pain and heartache will be gone! Resurrection power is something that I must remind myself when I go through trying seasons and I feel pressed to the limit.

Reading through the Bible study, I have noticed that I tend to pray whenever I need help and life is getting out of control. I sometimes forget that God wants to be a close friend and Father and communication is imperative. One thing that I realized that would immensely benefit me would be the prayer log included in the study and following through and actually making notes of how my prayer life is going. What would really help me, would be to pause and reflect and pray before I take on my different College subjects and tests, practice guitar, and when I rise and when I lay down to rest.

When Paul prays in Ephesians 3:14, he takes the time to kneel before God in honest humility. When you kneel, before God, you feel more at peace and contentment. This is a model, that I should follow and I could use some major improvement in. 

I intensely hope that you will be joining us in this wonderful study of Ephesians by Sue Edwards! Together, we can learn more about Christ and God’s written Word. And also please check back each Friday on my blog through November 18 for more insights into the amazing study!


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You Are Anointed for This!: Walk in Confidence, Boldness, and Authority By Judy Jacobs Book Review

In You Are Anointed for This, Judy Jacobs imparted readers with the importance of building the foundation and knowledge of the God given anointing on believers lives. Judy Jacobs explained the critical area of understanding the phrase, “Then, God said, “Let there be” (Genesis 1:3). When God spoke the world into existence, He was basically commanding the angels and the world to form in the precise way and design that he envisioned. Next, God made Adam and Eve and gave them authority of every animal and the land. God instructed them to also multiply and reproduce. Through Jesus, we have God given authority and the same power that raised Christ from the grave lives inside of us. Judy Jacobs pointed out that our words have implausible power, as God illustrated, in the beginning of Creation. Preceding, Judy Jacobs reminded readers to recall when God declared to Abraham and Sarah that they will have many descendants and in the natural, they were both too old to have children. When Sarah overhead God telling Abraham, she laughed and doubted the spoken Word. But God… Ultimately, we know that in the end, God fulfilled this promise and they had a son and countless descendants. Judy Jacobs used this story to describe to readers why they must not laugh at what God has spoken over their lives. Believers must be ready and they must proclaim like Mary, let it be.


Judy Jacobs has had her own share of personal anointed and let it be moments in her ministry and her recording career. She revealed a story about how fear almost stopped her from ministering to 600,000 people in Nigeria. She was terrified and she believed that Israel Houghton, Mary Mary, and other artists had more influence and more anointing on their lives. But all of this was lies from the devil, trying to make her stop preaching and singing God filled praise songs. She had to declare that she was anointed because of the power of Christ living inside her. It’s also important to note and remember that anointing isn’t just for popular artists and preachers, we are all anointed to perform in the area Christ has called us to reach people for His Kingdom.


My favorite story that Judy Jacobs publicized was the announcement of expecting their first baby after a year of hard trying. They were later dismayed to learn that she had a miscarriage. They were beyond devastated and heartbroken over the loss of their child. They were lying in bed weeping and holding on to each other, when her husband decided they need to watch Christian programing. Bishop T.D. Jakes was on TV, and he declared he had a word for someone tonight that. He said, “something had died…and your enemy has told you that you will never sing again, preach again, or smile again. But God wants you to know that death is not the end” (Page 174). They were changed and they believed the word and Bishop Jakes stated that they must stand up and praise God. They walked around the house telling the devil that it isn’t over and praised God’s Holy name. They decided to plant a seed and they started giving to ministries. Six months later, they were expecting again and they had a healthy baby. They also have two children. The devil didn’t win! This is also something that I am believing God for right now, that I would meet my spouse, and we would be blessed with having and adopting children. It’s not over!


I would recommend this astonishing book especially to anyone who is doubting that they are anointed to do extraordinary things for God. This book has shown me that I am in fact, anointed with gifts and talents to enrich the Kingdom of God. I would also recommend this book to every adult who is seeking a book that will engulf your life and change your perspectives on anointment. I loved the story about how when Marilyn Hickery was preaching, and God gave her a Word for Judy Jacobs and a few others. The Word changed Judy’s life and everything that Marilyn spoken years later, it has come to pass. This was inspiring in learning about the gift of prophetic words. One of my favorite things presented in the book in the form of a list was about the many different Biblical characters and how they were anointed. I immensely connected with the features at the end of each chapter that was entitled, “let it be to me…” This facet was enlightening and encouraging and gave me tremendous peace of my anointing. I am anointed for this! You are too! If you are longing to comprehend more about being anointed, then look no further and read this book!



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Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown By Eric Blehm Book Review

In Fearless, Eric Elehm has written a collective biography outlining the details of Navy SEAL SIX team member, Adam Brown. Adam Brown grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas and he was always the wild one and displayed tremendous fearlessness. One time in high school, he even jumped from a moving vehicle going thirty miles per hour over the side of a bridge into the water. He survived and loved the experience. He also had a few other all-pervading action moments in his youth and I think you will see why he always had courage and strength.


In his youth, Adam Brown struggled with a drug addict and stole from his loving family. His girlfriend at the time introduced Adam into drugs and they both depended on each other and bonded over drugs. He began to hang out with the wrong crowd and eventually wound up getting arrested a few times. One time when he was arrested, his parents reached out to a local pastor and the pastor agreed to meet with him. His pastor suggested that Adam needed to attend Teen Challenge and the judge allowed it. He was required to attend for a full year and if he left, he would be arrested for the reminder for his sentence. This program taught him a great deal about the Christian faith and the prodigal son in scripture and Adam connected with the story enormously.


He turned his life around and finally met his wife, Kelley. He also struggled some relapses throughout the book. Meeting his wife lead him to, realizing his exact passion was to train to be a SEAL and most of the book clarifies the difficult training procedures that they put SEAL team members through. Only a very few people can rise to the challenge and make the team. He ultimately became a SEAL SIX team member and was unfortunately killed in combat. The book will guide readers through the courage and compassion that Adam Brown’s life publicly and privately demonstrated.


I will admit that I cried during reading this book and it’s a problematic one to read because it is very touching and emotional. Adam Brown left behind a lasting legacy that their two children will be proud of their father. I immeasurably enjoyed the poignant stories about Adam connecting with his children and being an active father when he was home. He would take each children individually out for a fun activity with their daddy and he would also have a date night with his wife. This showed how much he loved and cared about having a relationship with his family. He also wrote notes down for his children where they read about his journey as a SEAL member when they got older. One of the most amazing stories was about how he saw little children in Afghanistan having no shoes or socks and it was nearing winter. He thought about his own children and he felt called to ask his family, friends, and church for assistance and they passionately donated shoes and his team risked their lives in delivering the shoes. He also completed his bachelor degree and was planning to apply to Harvard went he was done serving. He knew the trials that he already has overcame in his life and he wanted to succeed in Harvard. Another life changing story was when Adam and his friend, Kevin helped a young boy buy cleats, athletic glasses, and pads. They both agreed that someday they would search out for that boy who was poor but was needing support and new football gear and purchase that kid new gear. This book spoke volumes of the type of character Adam was.


I would recommend this excellence book to every adult who enjoys reading Military books and books filled with stories about strength and courage. Just as a side noted this book does include some cuss words but it isn’t that bad. Overall, I liked the aspects of Christianity being displayed throughout the book and the raw truth of how Adam’s past defined him for many years and his awesome turn around that God was able to perform in his life. I loved the stories that people who knew Adam Brown shared with Eric Blehm in the writing of this incredible book. I learned so much about the intense training and missions that SEAL members have to go through to protect our country. Anyone serving our country is truly a brave hero and I appreciated their sacrifice and dedication to their cause and mission! If you’re looking for a stirring book filled with stories of audacity, then please read this book!  


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Ephesians Bible Study Lesson One: Learning to Sit with Christ By Sue Edwards

Ephesians Lesson One:

Theme: Learning to Sit with Christ


The Book of Ephesians was written by Paul while he was in prison in Rome. He wrote this letter to the church of Ephesus, the capital of Asia. The city was famously known for black magic and had a strong demonic stronghold presence in the city. The seven-breasted fertility goddess, Artemis was in charge of spreading sexuality, homosexuality, prostitution, and cults in order to ensnare the people. Paul was committed to reaching out the believers in the city and reminding them to stand firm on the power of Christ. He encouraged them to find their true identity in Christ and he reminded them that they had power over the enemy.


In Ephesians 1:4-5, these verses specified that God chose us and adopted us into His family. He made this decision ahead of time before He even created the world into existence. He also loved us first and it gave Him great joy and happiness to include us into His family. We are also without shame and guilty from our countless sins, that we commit before His eyes. He is able to forgive us because of the blood of Jesus covering us and making us holy in His sight. If believers could grasp what this concept of adoption means, our lives would be radically changed. Picture for a moment that you have no Earthly parents, and you don’t know who they even are. You feel alone, forgotten, heartbroken, lonely, and you wonder why you don’t have a parent to love you. You have never had a day celebrating your birthday and you have been through many failed foster homes. I hope you realize that this heartbreaking reality is in fact, happening in the world around us right now. This is why I applauded anyone who has adopted and included children into your families. Adoption is one thing, I tremendously hope, I get to do a little bit later in my life. Spiritual adoption is something that God has chosen to in advance for His children and as believers we are blessed in the Heavenly realms.


Sue Edwards also suggested to readers in one question to look at Galatians 3:26-29. This passages reminded readers that we are all children of our loving Creator and we are a family in Christ. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are no longer our own. We are bought with a price and we are no longer defined by if we are a Jew, a Gentile, a male, a female, or what color we are. We are a heir and we are children of Abraham and God’s promise to Abraham is for us too! If you recall, God promised Abraham that he would be a father of great nations and that every seed of his would be blessed. In Christ, as a heir, we get to freely claim this promise! This means our future generations would be blessed because of Christ’s blessing, love, and infinite power.


Another important aspect that Sue Edwards pointed out was discovering our true purpose in Christ. I am sure, like me, you might be at times struggling with what God’s purpose for your life is right now. I’m currently in College, still trying to figure out what career path, God wants me in. In Ephesians 1:12, this verse explained that our purpose in Christ was to trust him and bring praise and glory to Him. This immensely means that believers must know that their purpose in life is to bring glory to Him through whatever they are doing. You can bring splendor to God by using your talents and gifts to further the Kingdom of God. Your purpose might be to be a husband, wife, stay at home mother, stay at home dad, running a business, being an employee, serving people in your community, and going on missions. Every single person is called by God to do a special purpose to bring Him glory. And where and whatever you are doing is an act of worship to our loving Creator. Not everyone has to be in ministry and it takes all kinds of kinds to influence the world and shine the light of Christ in different places.


I intensely hope that you will be joining us in this wonderful study of Ephesians by Sue Edwards! Together, we can learn more about Christ and God’s written Word. And also please check back each Friday on my blog through November 18 for more insights into the amazing study!

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Real Men, Don’t Text: A New Approach to Dating By Ruthie and Michael Dean Book Review


In Real Men, Don’t Text, Ruthie and Michael Dean has written an excellence book to guide readers into the new principles of dating in the modern world. With the increasing technology advances, this has allowed text messages to become the common method for men to ask woman to go out on a date. This has permitted men to become extremely passive in displaying their interest in a girl. As we all know, texting and social media isn’t a real connection with the person, we are talking to. But many people are settling for texted based communication, because it’s easier and you’re losing how to actually conduct a conversation with others. Like most people, I am sure, you have had trouble determining if that person is really into you and wants to get to know you. How many of us have been confused as to what that text message even meant.


This book takes a strong stand against women responding to text messages for late minute date plans. Ruthie and Michael Dean suggested that women must begin to set clear boundaries about how men are supposed to pursue them. They advised that woman should turn down dates from men who ask them out on dates through text messages. Couples need to also limit how much they text each other and be more focused on creating more face-to-face relationships. This is not saying that you can’t ever text each other, their point is that there should be more configuration on building a relationship in person. An important note that they pointed out was, if he refuses to call you, then he isn’t that passionately interested in you. Countless women constantly make excuses as to why it’s okay if he just wants a text relationship and he declares that he hates talking on the phone. Really, more than likely, he is talking to other girls and texting allows him the capability for him to do so.


The book also contained the lies that men will use to get women into bed and seduce them to have sex with them. This section is one of my most important chapters that will impact women and teach them the lines guys will use. Two of the most common lies that I believe men use are, “if you love me, you would sleep with me” and “I have needs, and sex is one of them” (Page 55). I especially loved how transparent Michael was in sharing that he remained a virgin for twenty-nine years and he survived. Sex isn’t also a need, you can wait until marriage. The book also goes into more details about other lies men will use in order to lure you into engaging in sex.


One of my favorite chapters was, “Real Women Give Nice Guys a Chance”. I loved how the authors explained to women the real aspect of not just looking for chemistry as the prime reason for staying in a dead end relationship. Because chemistry eventually wears off. They described the significance of seeking a connection build on someone who truly understands and cares about you more than themselves. I also enjoyed the facet of establishing nonnegotiables in what you’re looking for in a future spouse. This section will incredibly assist women (and men) who are having trouble deciding what they are searching for in a mate. I also appreciated how the authors revealed that bad boys aren’t always the best choices for relationship partners, you have to realize that you aren’t going to change him and make him a nice boy.

In my own dating life, I have women that refused to talk on the phone and text was the only way they would connect. I have also received a sexting picture from a girl when I didn’t ask her for one. I have received text messages that have scared me to death, such as, I had this one girl that stated that she would be a good mother and she wanted a ring by Christmas. Needless to say, I’m not engaged and I ended that. I have also had an engaged woman hitting on me and texting me and made me feel uncomfortable and was inviting me over for drinks. I even had a nice text message inviting me over to come cuddle at 12 A.M. and she wanted friends with benefits. I walked away and decided to save myself for my future wife. This book hit home to me to be a better man and to set standards that if they don’t want to talk on the phone ever than what makes me think, they will want to communicate in marriage when storms arise!


I would recommend this life changing resource to every single woman, whether you are young or old. I would also suggest that men need to read this book to learn the effects our actions are having on women. It’s also important to notice how we are contributing to the epidemic of men, becoming too passive in pursuing a girl we are interested in. One of the biggest things, I learned was the critical position on not accepting dates via text messages. I powerfully believe that this book will impart women with the knowledge and the perilous in our new dating world. Yes, if you follow this book’s advice, you won’t be popular and the world may look down on you for your stance on dating, but your worth and value will be everlasting! Ladies, you are worth more than a last minute text date and a one night stand or a hookup. I immensely loved the dramatic team that Ruthie and Michael Deal, as husband and wife, wrote to influence women and the compassion they had on reminding women that they deserve more, that they are valuable, and nice guys still exist. I loved how the authors shared their love story with their readers and encouraged single people to keep hoping, believing, and let God write your love story like He molded theirs together. This is one thing that I am learning more of each day. I highly recommend that if you are single that you get a copy of this book, and read the insights presented! Your dating life just might change!


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God in My Everything: How An Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People Enjoy God By: Ken Shigematsu Book Review

In God in My Everything, Ken Shigematsu explored the paradox of the busyness of life and how we have many different things and events competing for our precious time and energy. Ken Shigematsu started the book off by sharing how he travelled to Ireland on a pilgrimage to visit and witness how the monks lived their everyday life devoted to their Creator. The monks built their entire lives on prayer, reading scriptures, and they lived near places where they could demonstrate the love of Christ. Ken Shigematsu has written this very book to encourage readers to develop their own “rules of life”. He referred to these rules as rhythm of practices that assisted us in creating and expressing our devotion to sharing the love of Christ to unbelievers, as well as, leading us into God’s presence more and more each day. Ken Shigematsu personally worked the long hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and he eventually realized that he had to make a dramatic choice. He cut down on his long hours and formed his own rules of life where he could be the better husband and father.


He has conducted a spiritual ecosystem in order to describe the many different rhythms and practices we can construct to bring structure to God being at the center of our lives. He stated and reminded readers that the word “rule” comes from the Greek word, “trellis”. Trellis “is the support system for a vive or plant that enables it to grow upward and bear fruit” (Page 21). He used this concept as a way to define the three diverse roots, “Sabbath, prayer, and sacred reading.” Next, he reinforced the different components into three categories, “relate, restore, and reach out”. He also breaks down the components that consist of the three categories and he assisted readers into creating their own rules of life throughout the chapters.


On my favorite chapters was about friendship and the loneliness that is becoming more prevalent in our culture. With all of the social media connection abilities and new technology, most people would perceive that we would be able to network and have more friendships connections. But researchers are beginning to discover that isn’t entirely the case. “In 1985, only one in ten Americans reported having no close confidants; twenty years later, one in four said they had no close confidants” (Page 82). So if the technology advances isn’t making in any easier to make friendships, why do so many people spent so much time on them? Ken Shigematsu pointed out that Biblical, God declared that it wasn’t good for man to be alone, as we see when God gave Adam, his wife, Eve. But many people still believe that they can be John Wayne and be the lone ranger and they can go through this life alone. He also reminded readers of the story of David and Jonathan and how they both were true friends to each other and this is one of the realist form of friendship presented in the scriptures. I know there are countless people who long to have a true friend in their life. A true friend is one that you have the freedom to bear your soul and feelings and you know that they are going to listen to what’s on your heart. They will also at times speak the much needed truth into your life. Ken reinforced the importance of cultivating face to face activities, for example, praying together, playing sports or going on an adventure together, and serving the community in order to build the friendships.


Another favorite chapter of mine was the chapter on sex and spirituality. Ken Shigematsu revealed that our culture has an erroneous view regarding the effects of casual sex and how many people believe hooking up with random strangers has no effect on their lives. Scriptures declare that all sex is meant to bond us to a person- physically, spirituality, and emotionality. Ken recommends that married couples need to set clear defined boundaries to protect their marriage and to safe guard their marriages from affairs. He also stated the importance of resisting pornography and installing software to keep your accountable and you can even have accountable partners to fight against temptations. And if you’re are single and not married, we can still express our sexuality in healthy ways. For instance, we can connect with our friends over a meal and enjoy the assembly with another person in a healthy way. He encouraged married couples to save sex for their marriage and for single people to abstain from having sex until marriage and yes, we all know it’s difficult to do in a world that boldly says the opposite.


I would recommend this life changing and enhancing book to teenagers, college students, and adults who are seeking a deeper connection and longing to have greater intimacy with Christ. I immensely enjoyed the vast rules of life presented in this book to inspire readers to construct their own rhythms. This book taught me a great deal about monks and their tactic of life and how they worship their loving Creator throughout their day to day activities. This book has valuable questions at the end of each chapter to guide readers into considering what rules they can build to worship God in their everyday lives. I especially thought that including other people’s rules of life in the appendix added more beneficial resources to the overall content of the book. It assisted me in generating my own rules to lead me closer to Christ. If you’re seeking a book that will assist you in being intentional about how you manage your time and initiating your full devotion to God every single day, then read this book and begin to custom your own rules of life to make your life simpler and more focused on Christ!


Here is a sample of some of my rules of life:

Andrew’s Rules:


Attend Sunday worship and rest the rest of the day


Pray throughout the day – walking between College classes, before I start assignments, and in the car

Pray when I wake up and before I go to bed

Scripture reading:

Read a devotional each morning

Spiritual friendship:

Join and attend a small group that meets once a week


Watch movies, TV, read books, play the guitar, and hang out with friends and family


Lift weights three times a week

Swim in the summer


Cook four times a week


8 hours a night


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